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Machine learning, AI, tekst-generering med kontekst. Er det starten på slutningen for journalister?

Med dette proof-of-concept værktøj kan du starte en sætning (på engelsk), eller et spørgsmål og AI’en vil selve data ind og skrive videre på teksten. I et snuptaw.

Prøv selv på:

Jeg startede selv med teksten “Denmark is the richest country in the world and“.. og fik denne tekst retur:

Denmark is the richest country in the world and also one of the world’s most developed. It was the source of the gold of China, is one of the founding members of the European Union, is known as one of the leading exporter countries of coal and is home to some of the most important pharmaceutical companies in the world in Denmark.

It is a country with very high educational attainment and a high level of economic development and is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. It is located between Europe and Africa between South Africa and North America and has abundant oil, gas and natural gas reserves.

Most people come from a number of countries all around Europe, with a diversity of cultural and ethnicities. They live all around the continent that they call home – including in the parts of Germany, Austria and Switzerland and also north of the Alps, the Netherlands and Austria. In Denmark there are about 13% people from a minority national group – Asians and about 60% of the population is ethnically Chinese.

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