Is your website blacklisted? Check it within 30 seconds.

Is your website blacklisted? What happens if your website is blacklisted? And what can you do if your website gets blacklisted?

Let’s find out. First up you need to visit HetrixTools. A collection of valuable tools for any website owner. I like their free 10-monitor service with 1 minute checks from different locations.

Check if your website is blacklisted

At the front page you type in your website or IP of your website or server you want to check. See the GIF above. It‘s that easy.

If your website is listed (blacklisted) you need to contact your host and let them know the following:

  1. What IP is blacklisted.
  2. Let them know which database your IP is blacklisted in.
  3. What have you done yourself to fix the issue?
  4. Request a dedicated IP. Especially if you’re on a shared server.
  5. Ask them to send a removal-request for the IP at the blacklisted-database.

What happens if your website gets blacklisted?

Your website will be blocked at most workplaces that have implemented enterprise firewalls.

And Google might tell your visitors that your website is dangerous or contains malicious content.

I don’t want that. Do you?

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